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South Korean Positioning System (KPS)

South Korea plans to have their own Satellite Positioning system operational in 2034, joining the list of countries with regional navigation satellite systems.

Currently USA (GPS), Russia (GLONASS), the European Union (Galileo) and China (BeiDou-2) provide global available systems or are developing them. 

Regional navigation satellite systems are in place in China (BeiDou-1), India (NAVIC) and Japan (QZSS).

Korea will launch in total 7 satellites, 3 of them geostationary (following the rotation of the earth). The system will be operational in a 1000km radius from Seoul, providing an independent solution of existing systems like GPS or GLONASS. In combination with the development of their own SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) infrastructure -WADGPS it is expected to increase the accuracy to less than 1 meter.

Today’s technology, civil as well as military, depends more and more on location information based on the availability and quality of the required infrastructure.

The signals that are used in satellite navigation systems are however vulnerable to methods like Spoofing (falsifying the calculated position by sending out imitated Signals from ground-based devices) or Jamming (unintentional or intentional blocking of Satellite Systems). But not only external parties could try to influence the satellite signals, also the system provider of the systems can influence the accuracy and availability of the system.


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