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3D Xsite PRO In Marine Construction Works


In Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a 3D Xsite PRO system were installed on a Hyundai 520CC Long Boom Excavator. The system is being used to Dredge a Trench for an outfall pipe that goes 1.5Km on the seabed.  



The system consists of multiple tilt sensors as well as a Dual Antenna RTK GNSS system that provide centimeter level accuracy. All of the components go into the Control PC that takes this information and display them on a highly bright 10 inch color touch screen. 



The system got installed on the excavator and all of the cabling have been fastened inside the body of the excavator. 



Due to the climate extreme conditions of the site, we have added an extra protection to the sensors on the bucket and stick as well as the wiring connecting them. Even though the sensors are waterproof, we had to consider the rocks or any kind of tough material that the bucket may encounter on the seabed. So, a steel boxes have been installed to house the bucket and stick sensors. 



The 3D X-site PRO Machine Control System provides accurate 3D visualization of the Excavator Bucket location as well as the difference in design vs as-built. Whether in night and day the system can provide the operator accurate readings of the depths and the material that need to be moved or excavated. 



The Excavator is stationed on a barge to do the dredging work and the long boom provides the reach to dig in the 15 meter water depth. The divers are no longer necessary and the production have increased 40%, the need for checking or bathymetry survey after the dredger is no longer necessary as the levels have already been achieved using the 3D Xsite System. 




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