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First installation of MOBA’s HLC-2000 Wheel loader scale

It’s not even been a week after its release when we installed the first HLC-2000 weighing system for wheel loaders at Hartmann Beton. 

Hartmann Beton, producer and supplier of concrete and high quality gravel, user of several HLC-1000 systems, is the first customer who is satisfied with the new features of HLC-2000. On a new loading site it is mandatory to print and store the weighing datas to monitor efficiency and maxloads of trucks.

The operation of the system, now with customer and material datas, is simple and easy as he already knows from his former MOBA over load control systems. With just a minimum of effort the specific datas of the customer can be loaded to the System. The driver is able to select these in seconds. 

HLC-2000 comes with the proven sensors MSSR for detection of the weighing point. New part of the system is MOBA’s mobile printer MRP-580. In it’s rough housing it is well equipped to withstand the rough environment on mining-sites. 


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