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Installation of the new MOBA Wheel Loader Weighing System HLC-1000

For most customers, the first place to find information about products, suppliers and systems, is the Internet. This was also the first step, our customer Lars K. from Daumebau Corporation in Gilserberg, Germany, had taken.

Lars was looking for a simple weighing solution for his Komatsu wheel loader. He searched in different online communities and discussed with other professionals about systems competitors had to offer. He discovered that many systems were too complicated and not user-friendly. After the first contact, the decision for the MOBA HLC-1000 was made. Some days later, the installation followed. By adding two pressure sensors to the hydraulic line, the HLC-1000 measures the pressure of the hydraulics that is needed to lift up the boom with the filled bucket. Two slope sensors provide the geometric information of the ground slope and boom slope. With this method, the HLC-1000 is able to get a weighing result holding the bucket in a very low position. There is no need to lift up the bucket entirely.

System benefits:

  • The operation of the system is easy.
  • The target weight can be set and confirmed through an encoder.
  • Precise load control while loading.
  • Additional functions can be steered through an encoder or buttons.

Watch the video and find out how the application works in the field:

markus_weimer 07.12.2015 0 2149
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