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Installations in Spain of Big Sonic Ski 4 Sensors system.

Hello everyone!

It is a pleasure to share with the whole family MOBA a new installations. During this time we have continued to work and the result has been that customers begin to learn and acquire the new system Big Sonic Ski 4 Sensors. We even offer them the opportunity to make an expansion of their systems of three sensors to the new system. We are very pleased with the results so far, since all know the situation in Spain, but with hard work and confidence of customers in TECMASERM, are getting excellent results. We performed two different customer facilities and places of Spain, also several extensions of three sensor systems to four sensors. We want to share with you all these facilities. All we have done over the last month. The first was conducted in Bilbao, for our client Asfaltos Olarra, in northern Spain. I was performed on a Vögele.Both the client and their workers were surprised with the new controller and the benefits it brings them.

The second installation took place in Valencia, our client is Bertolín Group. They already had a system with three sensors. The work consisted of asphalt with two parallel machines. Two systems were installed in the front machine and its system of three sensors was updated to the new four on the machine that worked behind. Again the client was very impressed with the work achieved and praise the virtues of the new controller and the system in general. As an anecdote we would like to say that in the latter case the customer asked the system with only seven days of delivery and installation in his work. Obviously was hard work to prepare all necessary materials, so we want to thank both MOBA-Ise in Spain, as MOBA in Germany, fast and efficient order management we made of the material. Thank you, without you it would not have been possible. We want to share with all the great family MOBA photographs and video of these installations.

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