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Limitations of Weighing Systems

Hello Rajiv Mehta

What are the problems or limitations you feel are in today's weighing systems? How do you think they could improve and what type of impact what this have on demand for weighing controls?

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  •  rajivmehta: 
    Agreed some require less accuracy and some applications do not have this requirement at all as they are free flowing but the fact is that this is a problem with most applications, ie of half tipping.
    Consider a Railway wagon loading. The cummulative error builds up per wagon and then to a rake.
    Big boys like CAT 966 and other bigger loaders use a system of milimeter wave technology to estimate the weight real time. Most other bigger loader manufacturer have a system but unfortunately there are no systems in after market to do so, maybe they are more complex and expensive but there is the challenge.
    I have seen system in silos which actually 3D map the inside of the silo and calculate the weight using known densities. If we get across this hurdle we will be the first.
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  •  jutta: 
    Some applications might need less accuracy than others. How big do you estimate the error could be due to material sticking to the bucket? I assume that it also depends on the material picked up? Do you know applications that use an ultrasonic volumetric sensor?
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  •  rajivmehta: 
    Typical problem is for partial tipping. or material sticking in the bucket.

    the errors add up and the basic purpose of the weighing system is defeated.

    Needed: a dynamic system to weigh the bucket going up and weighing going down and taring the same to give the tip off load.
    the operator should not wait, take the bucket down and up and find the stuck / non tipped weight and then deciding what to do.

    Ans: A possibility to affix a ultrasonic volumetric sensor to the bucket to measure the left over material because i am aware we cannot get a accurate load measurement while going down.
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