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One Year On And Going Strong   

It’s hard to believe that this month MOBA Australia will celebrate their one-year anniversary as the newest member of the global MOBA Group! MOBA Australia was previously known as MCE LASERS and is a supplier / manufacturer of machine control technologies.

Under our new structure, the company aims to shake up the machine control market in Australia, with a focus on 3D machine control technologies, by offering its customers a level of support and service unmatched by the opposition. “Being a fully-fledged MOBA subsidiary means we can offer our customers a level of service above and beyond other product providers in our industry” says Daniel Ramondetta, Managing Director of MOBA Australia.  The company recently employed a 3D machine control manager Joerg Schittenhelm, who will focus on end user support and will share his wealth of knowledge through the companies Australia and NZ dealer network.

Under the MOBA Australia name, the company has been able to leverage on the global recognition of the MOBA name to build its customer base. This year marks several achievements:

2018 / 2019 ACHIEVEMENTS

  • MCA-3000 Compaction system used by Downer EDI for Alice Springs Airport project
  • XSITE 3D excavator system used for the redevelopment of the Old Olympic park stadium

  • MOBA 3D Paving demonstrations at the AAPA conference Sydney

  • MOBA 3D MATIC used by Corian Park for Agriculture applications

  • Product displays at both BAUMA China and Germany

  • New business unit set up to assist the waste industry. Product offerings include RFID, Route management and Weighing solutions

    We look forward to the new opportunities this acquisition provides. 



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