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MOBA-matic I – “Never change a running system“

In 1990 the success story of the MOBA-matic started - the control system that drastically revolutionized screed leveling at asphalt pavers and for decades has been one of the top-selling leveling systems for road construction machines.

By now it is known to almost every child (that takes an interest in construction machines).


The centerpiece of the MOBA-matic levelling system - the digital controller - combines the prozess-calculating core and the user interface and has been further developed and supplemented through the years.

In 2011 the final trick was the launch of the MOBA-matic II leveling controller "MMC-2000" - a quantum leap in user-friendly visualization via color graphics as well as in performance and additional features (measuring the material temperature, path-dependent slope control, remote operability of the opposite screed side, to name a few).


Will the MOBA-matic II controller completely replace its predecessors?

Certainly in the medium term. However, at present the predecessors are widespread in the market and have such a high acceptance and reputation, that MOBA AG decided to put the prime father of digital leveling on new feets.



In April 2017 the new MOBA-matic I controller "MMC-1000" will enter the market as serial product and gradually replace the variants of its predecessors.

Externally, the controller now matches the appealing look of the latest hand-held controller generation, since for the re-design the same housing and front foil layout of the MOBA-matic II controller have been used. However, the display and the handling still seem familiar.


Is the "MMC-1000" a new product now or just only a facelift?

Finally both. A new product as the complete hardware has been retrofit to the latest state of art. This way, for the following years it is on solid ground referring the availability of components. In visualization and application software, only minimal optimizations have been taken place - according to the motto "Never Change a Running System". The backward compatibility as well as the extremely high software stability are maintained - which also means that the operator doesn't recognize a change in daily use.

Those who were and are satisfied with the essential and well-tried, make exactly the right choice with the "MMC-1000". And due to the consistency in wiring and sensors, the UPGRADE to "MMC-2000" and therefore to MOBA-matic II advantages is an option that is worth considering anytime.
Some features of the "MMC-1000":

- New design of the front foil

front foil integrated buttons, therefore higher persistence (no more single built-in buttons behind the front foil)

- Larger button area

- Improved night design

- Separate machine connection cable

easy exchange in case of cable damage

- More luminous function-LEDs

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