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Moba India celebrates its success with the team and their family members
This year we  wanted to share the success of our "MOBA LLS SYSTEM"  specially now that it has found more than  1000 happy farmers in India and abroad, we thought that  the best way to celebrate it was to have a gathering of all the teammates and their families for fun filled evening with some games and Indian cuisine. 
Till now we never had an event where the team members and their families could interact with each other and get a glimpse of what he or she has been doing all these years and feel proud of their contribution , All team members were invited with their respective  family for the function . 
Our mentors  Mr. David Shelstad & Mr. Brijesh Chhantbar shared some information with  the audience on the MOBA group and its vision . The team members who are with us since 5 or more years, were felicitated on stage and were given silver rings with their time with the company engraved on them .
Every member of the team has his observations, learnings and anecdots from his journey, they also shared their experience of working at MOBA INDIA and their memorable expereinces on jobsites and in the office through some candid pictures which were kept under the wraps till now .
Team building activities were held by professionals which were both entertaining and educating. Some of these games gave us memories we will never forget. Specially the game where teams were formed in pairs where one would be the sculptor and  other would be its clay and they would have to mould them into the shapes or characters of their choice without speaking a word leading to some of the funniest looking sculptures and thats not the end of it , the host then reversed the roles and thats when the fun began !
An organisation is made stronger with such events. We are proud of our dynamic and enthusiastic team who has helped us create a reliable and trustworthy brand in India.


We are thankful to the families that made this event memorable with their presence and participation . We look forward to a bigger event in the coming years with an ever growing team .
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