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New Capital City of Egypt: Big Opportunities for Machine and Grade Control

Everyone knows Egypt, its capital Cairo, and the pyramids of Giza the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was built about 4,500 years ago. Up to now, it is still unbelievable how they built it and with which technical equipment. The pyramids are about 15km away from the city centre of Cairo.

Cairo is the largest City of Africa with an uncertain population of 16, 20, or even 25 million residents. The population, the traffic and the infrastructure are a big problem in Cairo. Actually, Egypt and their investors invest a lot of money in the infrastructure of new buildings and even in the agriculture market.

Currently the whole country of Egypt looks like a big construction jobsite. The local MOBA distributor Egytitans participates significantly in this boom. He provides solutions for each paver brand like the BIG SONIC SKI, and also for dozers and graders like the GS506.

“With high success, this young professional and organized company are known legends in machine control, even with the biggest construction companies.”

All throughout Egypt, you can find MOBA Machine Control on numerous different machines.

The new plan is a big VISION. It is a new Capital City between Cairo and Suez. It is the biggest project they have ever had since 4,600 years ago.

The new City will be approx. 700 square miles with about 5 million living there. It’s desired to have a nice skyline, sport stations, green parks, a theme park four times the size of Disneyland in California, and a professional infrastructure. This plan includes about 10,000 km of new roads, 250km of new railway lines, highway connection, and an international airport.

The new Capital City provides a better quality of life. Also the parliament, the presidential palace, the ministries, and foreign embassies will move from Cairo to the new Capital City. This large project should be complete in the next five to seven years. The construction of a new City has many opportunities but also some risks. Do you know of any similar projects that have already been finished in the world?

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