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Only 3 Soft Keys and 1 Operating Wheel for Load Control in Wheel Loaders

The HLC-1000 weighing system is a cost-effective add-on to prevent overloading on any wheel loader. It is easy to operate. 3 soft keys and 1 turning knob are sufficient to prevent the overload and promise a user-friendly experience.

The HMImc has three soft keys and one control knob which can be turned and pushed-in.

Working window with target weight.

The three soft keys below the screen have the following functions: "Key 1", "Key 2" and "Key 3" (see photo above). The basic functions of the keys’ menu are currently shown. A taskbar at the bottom of the screen shows the current functions symbolically.

Rotation function of the turning knob

Turn the control knob to navigate to the submenu or to switch back and forth between the functions. The "active" menus and functions in the display are highlighted (shaded area).
The weighing system can be operated without the need of pushing individual buttons.
This enables the operator to run the system smoothly while wearing gloves.

Switch function of the control knob

1) Set the desired value by using the key F2 and F3 or with the control knob.

2) Confirm the target weight 1x by briefly pressing the F1 key or by turning (click) the control knob 1x.

- Easy set of target weight by turning knob
- Complete operation by control knob with click function

The unique control panel in the driver's cab is the interface between the operator and the wheel loader. Easy to use with or without gloves. It includes all necessary system keys and displays.

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