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Sonic can placement for paving

I've seen the trailing can both on the newly laid mat and beside of it.  I've tried both. I use the big sonic ski taking off of existing joints and bridges.  Is there any instances when i should not put it on the existing mat? 

And I've also noticed that the middle can seems to control the screed height more than the end cans combined.  IE when paving tight, and matching existing joint, the middle can will get close enough to read the joint and the system will raise.  And if it falls off the existing joint the screed will also drop.  I have the front can on the existing joint and the rear can on the newlylaid asphalt. I am using a vogele paver so everything is connected thru niveltronics. I also turned the middle can perpendicular to paving direction to stop the can to stop the screed fluctuation.  What is a way to stop this from happening? What am i skiing wrong.

RMcGomery 07.02.2018 1 383
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  •  jlano: 

    It is common practice in the US to place the rear sensor on the newly laid mat to achieve optimal smoothness. 

    If it is not possible to adjust the position the entire beam further away from the joint we do have mechanical components that would allow you to offset the sensor placement under the beam to keep it in a position over the joint. If the problem you are having is due to the sensor being positioned too close to the joint I would recommend a mechanical solution. 

    Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

    James Lano +1-678-817-9646

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