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The MOBA Project Management - Part 17


Impact of project management


In every project, many decisions must be made again and again over the entire project period. But especially at the beginning of a project this is often very difficult. The reason for this is, in new developments, that there is little or no knowledge about the project (product) to be developed. As a result, at the beginning of a project, there is a high degree of uncertainty among decision-makers. However, this fact is contrasted by studies which have shown that during the first 20% of the project's duration, decisions are made which are responsible for 80% of the project costs. The now known effects on project costs further increase the uncertainty in decision-making. Seen in this light, it certainly makes sense to optimize at this point.



Without project management, the following effort curve emerges. From the beginning, the effort increases continuously, reaches its peak in the middle of the project time and decreases again at the end of the project.



Project management wants to optimize this curve. To achieve this, more effort is put into the planning phase at the beginning of a project. As a result, the right decisions can be made more quickly in the planning phase.



The increased effort at the beginning of the project reduces the course of the effort curve over the remaining project duration. This reduces the effort required for the realization of the project and the need to carry out unexpected actions later on. As an advantage, the end of the project is reached faster and the overall project costs are lower.


The development of a new levelling system can be mentioned as an example related to MOBA. Of course, levelling systems themselves are nothing new for MOBA. However, when a new hardware basis and a new future-oriented software structure are implemented for the first time, project management can reduce time, effort and costs as described above. This is the purpose of project management.


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To be continued ...

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