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The first batch order for aerial working platform in China

From the pictures enclosed you will know that MOBA Dalian has completed the commissioning of the first spider aerial working platform on september, 2015. The most exciting thing of this project is that we begin to receive small batch order from this customer. Because the customer have received more oders from India for the 24m spider aerial working platform. In 2015 they will finish 3 such machines being exported to India and even more next year.

The producer would like to produce such high value-added machine. Because of wide profit margin and high technology barrier for this machine, it will be a significant oppotunity for MOBA to supply more advanced and stable sysytem.

This real application greatly increased our confidence to promote our system to more potential customers in China. It definitely means so much for our team.

jyang 04.12.2015 0 1589
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