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The future is hybrid - also in project management at MOBA


For a long time there were only 2 separate ways in project management, the waterfall or V-model or the agile approach like SCRUM.


Recently, however, the advantages of both approaches have been increasingly recognized and we at MOBA are also trying to combine them.


What are the advantages of classical project management and the development according to the V-model?

  • Classical project management defines concrete results of the project with the requirement specification at the beginning.
  • Each phase of the V-model is documented and thus facilitates an external approval procedure.
  • A time schedule is set up at the beginning and distributed teams can also be well controlled.


What are the advantages of Scrum and agile methods in development?

  • Agile project management can react flexibly to customer requests at any time.
  • New requirements are included in the backlog, prioritized and processed one after the other.
  • It is ensured that a functional and qualified product is available after every sprint.


·       How do you combine the advantages of classic project management with those of an agile approach?


Especially in the actual development phase agile methods can be implemented very well in the classical approach. You always take small specified work packages from the product backlog, which you have created from the specification, and process them in short defined sprints. This has the advantage that you always have a fully functional and tested module available after the sprint, which you could decouple at any time and lead through the remaining phases of the V-model to production readiness. These short and successful sections also increase employee motivation.



V-Modell agil



However, agile methods and Scrum require project teams that are 100% dedicated to the project and are not constantly torn out of the sprint by other development activities or maintenance of serial products.



When it comes to innovative developments, which are difficult to describe completely at the beginning, it makes sense to embed agile methods in the classic V-model. The advantage is that you always have functional and qualified components that can be decoupled on certain dates. Even if the complete range of requirements has not yet been fulfilled.

However, the prerequisite is always that all new features that are included in the product backlog are also included in the specification subsequently.


Whether this hybrid approach is also suitable for developments in accordance with functional safety standards such as EN ISO 13849 or IEC 61508 must be examined on a case-by-case basis. In order to comply with the safety standards, all procedures require continuous and complete documentation of the development process from the specification phase through to verification and validation. MOBA project management has developed a documentation guide for this purpose which allows short sprints in the area of the actual software implementation, from the specification of the software function to the coding to the unit test, but which provides continuous documentation according to the V-model at the end of the development process.


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