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Top100 Success Story of constant innovativeness in a company

Innovation is not a given in technology companies. It takes much more than innovative products to be considered an innovative company. It is essential to live innovation in every aspect of one’s daily routine. It is rather a state of mind that creates and ensures true inventiveness on the long run. This includes:

  • Open mindedness
  • Constant further development
  • Courage to try new things
  • An evolving future-orientation
  • A good portion of self-confidence

Why is that?

It takes open-mindedness to be open for new, unusual ideas that are different from the familiar. Constant further development is an important process to steadily adapt to an evolving environment. Having courage to try new things is the only way to prevent one from restricting themselves and living in a comfort zone. The attitude of an evolving future-orientation makes sure that one has visions. A good portion of self-confidence is a characteristic that inspires one to trust in oneself and one’s ideas and visions, how unusual they may be.


Top100 Award

MOBA Mobile Automation was awarded one of the Top100 most innovative companies in the German middle class because we succeed in implementing innovativeness in all aspects of the business. 

  • In the use of innovative marketing measures
  • In the development of innovative technologies for construction
  • In the implementation of innovative methods for process optimization
  • In the international collaboration and constant input from different perspectives
  • In the investment into automation and digitization of work processes

To give some examples of each measure:

Development of innovative technologies for construction

One vision has run like a red thread through the entire history of the company since 1972: to sustainably improve construction with high-end technologies. This is the attitude that brought forward unique and market-changing systems like the ultrasonic sensor solution Big Sonic-Ski

World innovations like PAVE-TM, or the HMImc concept further contribute to the advancement of the road construction and cranes and lifters market. 

Besides the development of those end products, MOBA Mobile Automation repeatedly proves future-orientation by having dealt with topics, such as Cloud solutions, way before others started. More than 100 patents further speak for the innovative strength of the company. 

Implementation of innovative methods for process optimization

High-end equipment for the SMD production is one of the quality factors at MOBA. This includes state-of-the-art printers with jet printing technology, SMD placement machines that can handle 12.000 parts per hour, a second soldering process to ensure high-end double-sided placement and much more.

All those measures are constantly further developed and refined to ensure all-time high-quality, robust electronics.


International collaboration and constant input from different perspectives

As a global company with 14 subsidiaries worldwide and an international dealer network, MOBA needs to rely on an effective collaboration and communication between all colleagues. With tools, such as the collaboration software asana or the CRM tool, the global player quickly reacts to market requests. 

The automation experts within MOBA further live innovation through community. With this expert blog, the MOBAcommunity, innovation know-how is easily exchanged internally as well as externally, according to the theme: open innovation at its best.

What is another important aspect of the innovation-driven developments of MOBA is direct feedback from the field. In cooperation with renowned business partners who comprehensively test new systems and features, the technologies are developed closely to the market. Tests on the testsite at the headquarters in Limburg contribute to a practice-oriented and on usability focused development. 

Investment in automation and digitization of work processes

To ensure standardized, technologized quality tests, MOBA uses automated test stands in their production to guarantee a reliable function of each component.

Not only the production incorporates automation and digitization processes but so do the sales, marketing and management departments. The automated web lead generation or the use of cloud solutions for internal collaboration save considerable time that can in turn be invested in a premium service.


The power of German middle class companies

The German middle class accounts for 35% of the total turnover of German companies according to the German ministry of economy and energy. Even though can be considered the key economic driver of Germany, they barely get attention from neither media nor public. The Top100 award therefore honors the performance and contribution of those companies, who have proven to be innovative and future-oriented. 

Read more about the award on the official Top100 website.

Also, read a company portrait and an interview about the innovative nature of the company for more information.

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