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Two new trade fair venues for established trade fairs in the aerial work platform sector 2020

In early November 2018, the aerial work platform industry will soon be receiving a move as the month of trade fair relocations. After the Platformer Days for 2020 were announced last week in Karlsruhe instead of Hohenroda, APEX announced a move from Amsterdam to the well-known exhibition centre in Maastricht for 2020 shortly afterwards.

Although both came unexpectedly for the industry, a withdrawal of APEX to Amsterdam was easy to understand, as earlier editions had already been successfully carried out there. The relocation of the Platformer Days from Hohenroda to Karlsruhe, however, was a real surprise.

Anyone who has visited the fair in Hohenroda will not forget the experience. The atmosphere in the hotel park is indescribable and the fair takes place in a very relaxed and familiar atmosphere. In addition to the many positive memories, visitors have in the past also got to know the other side of the coin, which the outdoor area had to offer in the countryside in bad weather. If the weather god was once not merciful, the ground softened and you had a greasy fairground for the most part, where rubber boots were the best choice. In particular the test area sometimes looked very similar to a military training area and together the cars were pushed on the meadow parking lot. But here, too, the organiser had found a good solution at the last two trade fairs and installed so-called temporary roads.

According to the reports, the reason for the change of location is the lack of space for other exhibitors who would have liked to have been there this year and who had to be rejected.

We wish the organiser every success in ensuring that the special flair of this trade fair is also retained in Karlsruhe.

The relocation of APEX from Amsterdam to Maastricht, the place of origin, was also unexpected. However, the trade fair will not proceed as it did 7 years ago. This is due to the fact that Messe Maastricht has invested heavily in the past few years. In particular, the enlarged outdoor area is very promising for the exhibitors. In the past this was very cramped and the exhibitors stood very close together. We are also looking forward to exhibiting at APEX 2020 in our old home country again!

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