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Astonishment over hilly "adventure bike path" in Upper Bavaria
Why these hills? According to the district office, there are several reasons for the wave-like route of a new cycle path in the district of Freising. By dpa
Kirchdorf an der Amper (dpa) - A new cycle path in the Bavarian village of Kirchdorf an der Amper (District Freising ) is a surprise. After five years of planning and construction, a two-kilometre-long cycle path has been built here for around 3.3 million euros.
The curious thing is that over a distance of 500 metres it contains five artificial hills and resembles a "buckelpiste". "Of course, this looks strange, and it's not nice," said a spokeswoman for the Freising district office. "But this is not a planning error."


Foto: Lorenz

According to the district office, there are several reasons for the wave-like route: If the cycle path were consistently lower than the road, it would be too difficult for tractors to reach adjacent fields. If cyclists and pedestrians were travelling at the same height as motorists, this would not only have cost more money, but would also have caused more effort: because the road is in the floodplain of the Amper, piled-up areas would have to be compensated elsewhere.

A third option would have been a common economic path. "But then combine harvesters would ride on the same path as cyclists," says the district office. So the hilly "experience bike path" was built: "You have to see this a bit sporty," said the spokeswoman. "If you don't make the hills, you don't make the mountain that comes after it."









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