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VDBUM 2017 - Résumé

Some weeks after visiting this years annual VDBUM conference, speaking to a lot of people about all the current buzzwords like "BIM", "Industry 4.0", "Cloud" and much more I recognize that there is a need to focus on the important, practical things.

Together with two of my colleagues we did not only show MOBA's latest technology. Here you can see a summary of our speech:

VDBUM 2017

MOBA speech @ VDBUM 2017

Furthermore, we showed examples of real-world-data and how we learnt to use this data not only to improve the road construction process but even more to help the jobsite planning phase in addition to the real-time benefit we can get out of that. Within next posts I will come back to these examples.

Using the right things will help the process and the people who have to work with it day-by-day. Not everything that is technically possible means that this will also be an improvement. The road construction is a very complex and diver process. New technologies need to be accepted and also pushed and honored by people. Either if it is to help the own daily work or to document things and earn additional money with that. But it is important that agencies and authorities re-think and work with these new possibilities. Examples like Sweden and USA show that this is worth. If you want to get quality it helps to honor this. Tools like Pave-IR or other new systems can help with that by delivering data that was not available before. Now, the task is to use this data in the most meaningful way.

There are two main challenges that make it difficult in Germany: One is the fact that the cheapest offer wins the contract. Together with the second of having only a "Malus-System" instead of a "Bonus-Malus" makes it very hard to get all people pulling together towards the overall goal: Improving the quality of roads on the long-run.

Some ideas started with research projects like OSYRIS or PAST before many years. Now, driven by new technologies, the road construction sector enters a new age and it is important that we take care not to over-stress people with this.

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