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Waste Market in Italy - Grouping of municipal

Good news from the waste market in Italy. It seems that finally is coming true what we were waiting for since long time. The main problem up to now was that Italy is a country really divided into many different realities. The waste collection is made differently in each city/area, and Italy still not have found a stable and productive standard system. Probably due to these differences, it will never be possible to get an unique standardization, but now the general situation is evolving, and in some areas, the municipalities are grouping locally creating "bigger player" with necessity to have smart collecting solutions in order to optimize the service and costs. In this way I believe more and more that we are going to have a big business in Italy with our systems.

This is happening in Tuscany for example, where 6 Cities are join in one. In 2015 or 2016 they shoud start with a door to door collection. At the moment, we are fully involved in the project of Venice which is growing day by day since was started in 2013 with only 5 municipalities. Today, 24 identification systems are already running and 9 more will be added in few weeks. In another area, 2 municipalities will start in July with 19 systems, and within the end of this year a new area will have other 29 trucks equipped. We should close the 2014 with 81 systems (with Operand D) installed in Venice area. Belluno City is following the Venice project with 4 identification systems with Operand D. The project includes also the maintenance contract.

The cities of Bressanone,Turin, Milan, Udine etc, are under negotiation with us, and I hope to get good results also from them. Other cities like Nettuno in Rome area, and Caserta in Naples started with us with 27+30 tracking systems (by CG1) that most probably will be updated, in the next future, into identification hardware and software according with the local tenders. Finally we can be also competitive in some inquiry with UHF technology, even if we think that the low freq. allows a better perfomance in terms of quality and accurancy. If anybody has already some experience in UHF application, please share it. We are in negotiation for 4 crane scale, 12 rear loader weighing systems for a customer in VAL D’AOSTA.

Some inquiries are incoming also for the body scale systems. Interesting to know that we won 3 tenders for transponders, Logiscan and maintenance contract by a new telematic way for tenders provided by the Autonome Provinz Bozen website. The results we are obtaining in Italy, tell us that we are on the right path, and make us confident that the market will need more and more our technology. Shortly, I will share some photos and videos of the applications mentioned above.

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