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Welcome to New Mawis U2

More beautiful, faster and powerful… more MOBA!

Main new features in Mawis U2:

o Completely renewed look: new logo, new colour palette, new icons, …

o Redesign of the entire interface to get a more friendly, agile and intuitive use.

o Increase of speed on screen and map loading, as well as processing data.

The software for the waste management market is used worldwide every day and simplifies all important aspects of an optimized fleet management: a centralized container management, an optimized tour planning, time-efficient complaint management, reporting tools, and many more. New features, such as multiselection grids, the full-screen mode or self-explanatory new icons ensure more clarity and ease of use.

As an ecologically responsible global player, the topic of sustainability plays a decisive role in the actions of MOBA Mobile Automation AG. With its technologies and constant further developments it is promoting a circular economy. This includes, among other things, the active commitment to the Horizon 2020 project of the EU. Research and innovation projects are supposed to create a long-term, sustainable future for the EU over the next 4 years. The further development of the MAWIS U2 software combined with holistic system solutions, that create incentives for efficient waste separation, play a decisive role in the realization of such goals.

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