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End-user: Guangxi road construction group Site address: Guangxi Quannan highway Date: 15th May,2018 MOBA sonic accurate milling leveling system promotes the Quannan highway upgrading and renovation project of Guangxi road construction group. The system
shuwang 16.05.2018 0 718

Big Sonic Ski - Latin America surrendered at evidence of its benefits… Every day, I see and our distributors confirm that in Latin America, we are witnessing a new beginning of how to apply asphalt in new road construction or resu
hmendes 14.11.2016 1 1229

Roadtec released its new remote diagnostic tool for their their new Tier 4 milling machines to detect and troubleshoot problems in the field. Attached is the link with more details. http:// That is for sure a great feature to cut back
jutta 09.12.2015 0 785

- A very new technology for displays on construction machines like pavers, milling machines, cranes, lifters, etc., where the display could be outside the cabin - What is optical bonding? Optical bonding refers to a protective glass that is glued in fron
hbarthel 04.12.2015 0 2072
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