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Hi, my company is starting to implement moba waste management solution in israel. we plan to base the software on mawis web. was wondering if there is a dedicated page for mawis web?

Hi Uri,

unfortunately there is no dedicated web page for "MAWIS Web".

Please try the following link:

where you can find only little information about MAWIS Web

Hi Ralf,

Thank you for your reply.

I am trying to figure how far away is mawis web from mawis u2 and it seems there is a large gap. If you use mawis web how do you instruct workers around it? I need to sell it and cant do such without proper doc's

Hi Uri,

I don't know your requirements for a web solution exactly, but I don't think that the difference in functionality between MAWIS WEB and MAWIS U2 is very big. When we start a new project the software will be installed by one of my colleagues. Users receive a software-training. Please talk directly to Mr. Schmidt, because he is the responsible sales man and will ask all your questions.