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information about sonic ski and ultra sonic sensor

Hello every one,

It is my first post in this wonderful communit. Actually i have two problems :

  1. 1- if any one have more information(files or vedios ) about sonic ski and the ultra sonic sensor used with it.
  2. 2-i have a problem with the ultrasoinc sensor when using on a paver it gives a reading of asphalt thickness different totally from the adjusted one why and what is the solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Ali. Once you have engaged automatic mode on the Mobamatic controller, you can hold down the bottom-left set button and press up or down to make it display any number. You may want to set it at zero so you can easily tell how much + or - the height of the sensor is from zero, or you may want to set it at the actual thickness of the mat which you have determined by measuring the thickness manually. The controller may not show the actual mat thickness because it is unconcerned with the thickness, it is only concerned with holding the sensor steady. The controller will hold whatever thickness you set but it is up to you to manually measure the thickness of the mat.