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A92.20 Standard Expertise: Performance Levels

 Recently, the ANSI Accredited Standards Developers (ASC) voted to extend the effective date of the A92.20 standards to June 1, 2020. This does pose a couple questions: what does this mean for OEM businesses and what specific safety components can help with compliance? Fortunately, the new A92.20 standards are equivalent to the European standard EN 280 for safety devices from the standards EN ISO 13849. MOBA has been helping OEMs with compliance in these safety standards for more than 30 years and our team is here to answer these questions.

The new standards go over several topics: design, calculations, test methods, safe use and training, and safety specifications for mobile-elevated work platforms (MEWPs). One of the factors in safety specifications is the performance level (PL) of these machines. The performance level of a component or safety solution simply indicates the performance and reliability of said component. From the lowest performance level (PLa) to the highest performance (PLd), these metrics are determined by three factors: type of injury in the event of a failure, frequency of the machine’s use, and the likelihood of a failure.

To see how these new performance levels affect the U.S. market and how MOBA can offer safety solutions, one simple example can be shown using the standards shown in section 4.3 of A92.20. These standards include preventing operation of MEWPs outside the limited range without stabilizing devices (, control or lock of tilting ( and control of oscillating axles ( The example shown has to do with leveling of a MEWP with three MOBA safety components. With the MSS slope sensor, customized HMI, and controller, OEM customers can operate safely in the machine’s permitted inclination range. In addition, MOBA can integrate system solutions in different MEWPs with different slope sensors, controllers, distance measurement sensors, and customized HMIs with different module variations. MOBA, a hidden champion in MEWP safety solutions, is excited to provide value to U.S. OEMs going through this new challenge. If you have any questions about the new standards, we’d love to talk to you and help address them. For all of our safety applications, be sure to visit us online at 

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