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Building bridges

Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America with 8.5 million square kilometers, its political and economic situation are not very well and, probably, it is the country more bureaucratic. Knowing that I ask you a question: Do you know how MOBA does business here?

We don’t have the magic formula, we just work hard!

Some of our daily activities are:

1 - Try to identify good leads, visit them and try to convert them into customers

2 - Support our leads and customers in technical and sales questions

3 - Maintain a good relationship with everyone

4 - Be attempt to the market and the opportunities

5 - Think creatively every day to find out new strategies

6 - And even more...

We know that it’s impossible to identify all leads (constructors and other companies) in a huge country, and for that, one of our strategies is to build bridges with OEM’s and their dealers. We think that if we are in contact and if we have a good relationship with them, they can bring to us new opportunities. In that case MOBA do Brasil offers technical & sales training, looking for the opportunities that it can bring.

Bellow it’s possible to see the levelling systems training that were offered to LUQUIP’S and BRITAMAQ (both Brazilians BOMAG dealers):



Some of the opportunities that they’ve brought were new services like trainings and consulting, and, of course, sales:






It’s my advice: if you can build bridges, do it!

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