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Compaction system in the Test: MCA 500 vs. Conventional Methods

Our team from MOBA INDIA has tested conventional compacting against compacting with MOBA MCA 500 compaction system with their customer L&T RATLAM MPEP PKG 22.

Here is what they found out:

Conventional Compacting would have led to 4-8 passes on average. Based on the system feedback  - compaction was already achieved after 3-4 passes.

The report shows an efficiency increase of over 40% - We are very proud of this result.

In addition, the field density test in the laboratory confirmed a desired density at 98,2 % with MCA 500 system.

We deliver better quality in less time by saving a lot of operating costs!


In compaction, increasing the number of passes does not mean increasing the density.

In fact, over compacting can lead to a decrease in density and stiffness. 

For asphalt compaction, one also needs to consider the correct temperature to avoid damage to the fresh pavement.


Return on Investment

Unlike in the example above, let us assume a conservative efficiency increase of ONLY 20% and look at the following example of Return on Investment 

We have based our example on the following assumptions:

  • -Compaction machine life span: 5 years with 10.000 working hours
  • - Machine price: 80.000 USD
  • - Interest rate: 5%
  • - Efficiency increase 20%
  • - The average cost of MCA 500: 5000$
  • - Cost of Operator (global average): 8,36 USD

We can show that our Point of Break -even is achieved in less than one year (1000 machine hours) and our ROI may exceed 50000$ over a machine lifetime.


Please contact us if you want to calculate your personal Return on Investment with MOBA MCA 500.



Alex_Wahlmann 29.06.2021 0 5476
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