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Configure your emergency stop

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The main goal within the HMImc concept development was to cover all conceivable configurations with a base of modules. Over time, the modular system has evolved and customers are now able to configure their perfectly matched HMI from a variety of modules. For the past 5 years, the CAN modules have been the main priority in development, this is not the case with the latest addition to the family. MOBA now offers the possibility of configuring the emergency stop used in the HMImc to meet individual requirements and also to use it as a stand-alone solution. This is particularly interesting for customers who would like to place the emergency stop in an ergonomically different position, or to integrate an emergency stop at several points on the machine.

 The options are unlimited. The customer is able to select from a variety of plugs and to define a connection cable length suitable for him. The emergency stop is protected by a sealing sleeve on the back which also fixates the emergency stop to the protective collar. Thanks to this space-saving design, the emergency stop is very flat and can therefore be installed on the narrowest areas of the vehicle by means of 3 flush mounted screws in the module.

MOBA has included emergency and emergency-release switches (16 mm diameter), which are already established on the market, into the product range. The currently available versions comply to IP65 on the front. In order to meet the requirements of EN-13849, these emergency stop buttons are designed to be double-opening. Further explanations are, of course, possible on request.

Let us configure your emergency stop!

 Are you still extending your emergency stop, or are you already configuring?

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