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Construction of a new road in Crete Island, Greece

The New National Road is currently the longest Cretan road that runs along the entire northern coast of Crete. It starts in the port of Kissamos in the west and ends in the port in the city of Sitia in the east of the island. At the moment, it is the fastest route on the island to travel, and at the same time one of the most dangerous roads, where many fatal accidents occur each year. In a few years, however, the current New National Road will go down in history, because it will be replaced by a completely new route, which start allready this year.

A new northern road axis will also connect Kissamos with Sitia, with a total length of approximately 300 km. It will be the largest road project in the coming years. It will be financed by the European Union and the budget allocated for this purpose exceeds EUR 2 billion. According to the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, it will also be the most difficult motorway to be built in Greece. The project assumes, among other things, the extension to two traffic lanes in one direction and the route of the road with several dozen viaducts and over 30 tunnels over a total length of over 40 km. The mountainous terrain of Crete makes it the only way to lead long straight sections.

The new road will not only make it easier to move around Crete and improve the comfort of traveling. It will also allow you to shorten travel time and reduce transport costs. It is estimated that it will not take more than 1.5 hours to drive from one end of the island to the other after all the works are completed. Shorter travel times will also allow for lower costs of transporting goods. The convenient road connection will also contribute to the further development of tourism on the island. Those of you who have had the opportunity to travel a lot during your stay on the island know that currently traveling the entire length of Crete is very time-consuming. As a result, most people give up visiting places far from their place of stay. Shorter travel times will allow you to quickly travel to tourist attractions located further away.

An important goal is also to reduce the number of tragic road accidents that are now commonplace on the island. There are so many accidents on the current road that the statistics for this road are kept separately. It is also significant that most of the people who suffer accidents are young people. Improving road safety is therefore one of the fundamental assumptions of this project.

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The first small part of Paving Project was the Highway Detour of Iraklion City. The construction company MARIS SA, is a company active in the sectors of production and trade of asphalt mix and other asphalt products, the production and trade of concrete, as well as in undertaking and executing public and private works used our BIG SONIC SKI at a VÖGELE Paver1900/2. Our local dealer MOBACT support and gave a training at the jobsite to the construction company to get a high level of quality during the paving process.


• Length of the Road Project: 13 km 2x lanes =26km.

• Width of the Project is 11 meters on each direction divided by New Jersey.

• Milling Surface: 80% of the Top layer until 4cm and milling the rest 20% from 4 cm to 8


• Paving Project: 1 wedging layer of variable thickness + 1 Surface Course Asphalt layer of

  4 cm thickness.

• Customer: Super happy and excited about the results.


The local authorities considering the whole project to be constructed by setting the use of BIG-SONIC-SKI mandatory.



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