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Evolution of the HMImc joystick module


The newest module in the HMImc Family is a joystick module with additional features.

Immediately available you can optionally add up to two push buttons on the joystick module. In addition, we added a Z-function. This Z-function can for example be used to program the joystick with two different functions (this makes the double amount of functions available). By pushing the joystick, you can switch the two sets of functions.

One good use would be to run proportional functions with the joystick. This could be for example the outrigger control or the movement of the chassis.

A detailed description you’ll find here:

During the development of this updated joystick module, MOBA stayed true to its concept of being able to exchange the joystick with 3 screws. Another important aspect of the development was to maintain backward compatibility with the joystick modules without Z-function.

In order to know which of the sets of functions the operator is running, we implemented 2 additional LEDs in all four directions. The customer can access a green or red LED, which indicates the active function by color.

With the front foil MOBA stayed with the known neutral setup. By applying a customized foil every joystick module will become an individual and unique module.


Any questions?! Just contact us and make up your mind about the benefits of the new Joystick module! 

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