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New operating concept for pavers – made with MOBA

Undeniably, leveling is a crucial aspect in paving new roads, or renewing existing roads. To get an excellent result, everything from the materials, the control system, and the paver must work together. To allow the operator an exact and flexible handling of these systems and to steer the screed the right way, a functional operation concept is a must-have.


MOBA, together with BOMAG, developed a new concept for an optimized screed control. The new built-in leveling system can be controlled via a rugged touchpad and two toggle switches from outside. It allows a comfortable control of many important screed functions like adjusting the height and slope of the screed. It is a very robust device and the easy handling allows for intuitive operation without long trainings.
This new concept not only eases the work for the operators, but also helps achieving highly-precise results in asphalt paving and improving the quality and longevity of the road.

This is another fantastic example of MOBA’s working to develop and produce devices according to a customer’s needs. In this instance, partnering with the customer has developed the housing according to their own company design and augmenting it with MOBA electronics with all MOBA typical features like the robust housing and the special sealing technique which protects sensitive electronics against environmental influences like heat, water or vibrations. Whatever roadwork environments encounter, our products are ready.


MOBA’s operating units and HMIs are not only designed and manufactured for tough requirements, but also offer a wide flexibility when it comes to design and function. This means not only making it fit the needs of a customer’s design, like the BOMAG unit, but when it comes to HMIs for various machines, the design and number of keys, buttons and joysticks can be varied. The customer can choose how many functions they need and then create their own HMI. The best part? This modular HMI concept is that all components are already proven and tested, making it affordable for small quantities. Also, the simple handling and the intuitive, symbol-driven operation is an advantage, when the device is going to be handle my different operators while on a job.

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