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In order to share the current status and future trend of paving from the technique point of view, MOBA DALIAN holds paving and compaction technique lecture on 30th Nov. All the 50 participants are technical manager from OEM manufactures.  




First Ms. Sun, general manager of MOBA DALIAN gives an opening speech. Then Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Ulrich from the University of Applied Science in Köln, Germany, gives a very wonderful speech, in which he emphasizes the importance of temperature and thickness in the paving process and how to improve the paving quality.





 The head of the “Cologne Institute of Construction Machines” of the Cologne University of Applied Science Prof.Dr.-Ing.Alfred Ulrich


And Dr. Holger introduces the components and features of MOBA-MATIC, MCA series products,PAVE-IR, PAVE-TM, presents how our products help to control the temperature, thickness in the paving process, how to improve the quality and save the cost and what customer can benefit. He also shares success stories worldwide.


Dr.Holger Barthel, vice president of MOBA Germany





Product show





This lecture makes customer a better understanding of the advanced technology and our products. And it is significant for the further long-term cooperation.




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