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Pave IR Advancement in Japan

Job-report from Hokkaido island




Welcome to another job story from Japan. The new construction site is a highway located just outside the city on the island of Hokkaido north from Tokyo. The job is a “hot on hot” building site. The contractor combined a small “Hanta” paver with a big Voegele paver. PAVE IR is mounted on the Voegele paver to monitor the temperature of the road. The small paver has a width of 2 meter and the big paver a width of 4,5 meter. The PAVE IR system even though equipped on only one paver is able to measure the whole width of the street – 6,5 meter. PAVE IR is able to display the whole temperature path for both pavers. For this test the length of construction was only 1000 meter. The next day, the test was repeated using the small paver on the left side instead of the right side. There was no need to change the position of the PAVE IR, as we could adjust the measuring sides without any problem.





The data from PAVE IR was very useful. The day of the test was a very hot day in Japan with temperature up to 34 degrees. PAVE IR assisted to manage the right temperature and sequence of trucks to continually deliver the asphalt to the building site in regard to the right temperature. We were able to achieve maximum homogenous temperature path for the whole test period. The picture above shows a screenshot of PAVE IR displaying the test path. The smaller section on top show shows the small paving width as more coldly as the big paving section after beeing treated by the compactor




The customer is very satisfied with the data offered by the PAVE IR. They want to repeat this test in wintertime to see if PAVE IR also satisfies with it's data and performance in low temperature environment.

Another "lesson learned" in this case was the fact, that at first we mounted the temperature sensor on top of the material hopper. However while closing and opening the sides of the material hopper with the goal to push the remaining material further into the conveyor belt, we could not achieve constant readings. We than mounted the infrared  temperature scanner directly on the hopper. This can be seen in the pictures below.


Thank you JEMCO for another successful project in Japan.

We will continue this post after the corresponding test in wintertime.





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  •  Alex_Wahlmann: 

    Hello Ali,

    The system is called “Laser Scanner” of TOKIO KEIKI INC which is a Japanese manufacturer.

    It is a grade controller for Paver, consisting of a controller manufactured by "Tokyo Keiki" and a scanner
    made by "SICK".

    As far as I know, there is only a couple of systems in the field - all in Japan.

    Hope that helps you.


    Best regrads


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  •  ALI101: 

    Hello Alex,

    Thanks for the post. I have noticed in the pictures that a mast with a blue device on top is attached to the Paver and I wanted to see if this is something that is used for level measurement or something else? again great work. 





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