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Paving Artificially Intelligent, with Temperature Control, thickness, leveling and compaction

Paving Artificially Intelligent, with Temperature Control, thickness, leveling and compaction




1 - Summary

Temperature, air and water are the common factors that profoundly affect the durability of the asphalt masses and consequently the Segregation and the International Index of Roughness (IRI). In moderate climatic conditions, problems such as permanent deformations, cracks and holes due to fatigue can be found on roads due to the traffic load. But when a severe climate is questioned, these tensions increase when the materials are poor, either due to poor or inadequate control of traffic or water, key elements in the degradation of asphalt pavements.

Many variables affect the amount of damage on a road in its life cycle. Among them, are the design properties of the mixture, such as the level of vacuum in the air, the permeability, the asphalt content; its application; its compaction; the thickness of the asphalt film and its leveling control; the control of the temperature of the mixtures from the asphalt plant to its application.

These are variables that must be carefully researched and look for technologically proven solutions. Therefore, new solutions are increasingly being developed, some of which I present in this work, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), in response to the issues which they are increasingly facing, the Ministries of Transport and Communications and all the "owners" of the highway, worldwide.

With this, it can be measured and controlled from its construction to its maintenance, the main element and with the greatest contribution to the national activity of a country, be it at the commercial, social or industrial level, which is the road infrastructure. It also controls and increases the level of comfort and safety of the roads, i.e. the Present Service Index (PSI) (AASHTO -American Association of State and Highway Transportation Official.



Here I present you, the summary of the paper developed by me, which will be presented at the Ibero-Latin American Congress of Asphalt in Mexico on the 26th of November at 2:45 pm. . In the following posts, I will present you the remaining pages of the work, with:

1 - Introduction

2 - New technologies existing in the market, in the construction and maintenance of road pavements

2.1 Monitoring and control of the temperature of the asphalt mass

2.2 Monitoring and control of thickness and leveling of the asphalt layer

2.2.1 Monitoring and leveling control of the asphalt layer

2.2.2 Features and benefits of a 3D leveling control solution

2.2.3 Monitoring and control of the thickness of the asphalt layer

2.2.4 Advantages of the thickness measurement solution

2.3 Monitoring and Control of the Compaction Index

2.3.1. Features and Advantages of a compaction monitoring and control solution

3 - Conclusion


to be continued soon,...

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