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Sports Field Renovation after Flood

The floods in Saxony within the last years have caused massive damage to residential areas, farmland and recreational areas. Time after time everything had to be restored. 

In Waldenburg, one of the sports fields was severely damaged and needed a renovation. To ensure a time-efficient and high-quality completion of the project, Grünland GmbH decided to use a specially designed paver AFT 350 E from Ammann, which was equipped with the MOBA leveling system MOBA-matic and two ultrasonic sensors Sonic-Ski. 

What is special about the paver is its modification for unbound material, which was used in this case. The screed was adapted to let pass material like gravel with a grain size of up to 45 mm. Another reason for this particular paver choice was the automatic and contact-free leveling thanks to the special technologies. 

In order to move freely within the terrain, two independent ultrasonic sensors were used for an accurate ground scanning to regulate the screed accordingly. For stability and quality reasons, it was further essential to build several layers absolutely evenly and with a specific thickness. This is when the MOBA-matic leveling system came to use to ensure a smooth surface for many sports games to come.

Thomas Rheinhold from Grünland GmbH is absolutely convinced of his specially modified Ammann paver:

“In the team, we appreciate in particular the electronic guidance system, because it enables a smooth steering at exactly the same speed. In addition, the Ammann paver drives particularly softly due to the electronic control and can be stopped just as smoothly.”  

Please find the whole job story in more detail here: AMMANN Job Story

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