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The MOBA Project Management - Part 14

Flow of information, meetings and reports

Communication channels and flow of information:
For internal communication preferentially the direct input into the project management tool to be specified should be used both ways. This way all relevant data and information can be kept up to date and can be found on a comprehensively used platform.

External communication has to be done in written and therefore attestable form (e.g. e-mail). The generated data is saved in filings to be specified and according to criteria to be defined.

Regular meetings derive from the milestones in a project’s structure plan.
Comprehensive status meetings with the complete project team should take place periodically (e.g. every month) and the project’s current status should be stated in a report.

Special meetings take place for example in case of suddenly occurring problems or change requests of the customer.
IMPORTANT! Currently occurring problems have to be pointed out and discussed as soon as possible to prevent unnecessary delays.

The participants of these meetings may vary.
Depending on the extent and importance of the subject meetings may be held in a department or a group or are summoned in accordance with / by the project manager.
In case project-relevant decisions are made or the project’s definition is changed, the project management has to be informed about the meeting’s result.

Within certain limits, authorized persons can generate reports in data form any time from the project management tool to be specified.
The programming or compilation of such reports often is subject of the customer-specific software adjustment during the setup.

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