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The MOBA Project Management - The PM Handbook

What does a MOBA project manager actually do when he is assigned to a new project?

In our blog post series "The MOBA Project Management" we have reported in detail on the topic of project management.

But how does a MOBA project manager know what to do? How is what defined? And where is it documented?

These questions are answered in the "Manual for the MOBA Project Manager". The PM Handbook. It describes the tasks of the MOBA project manager in detail. The procedure is based on the MOBA product development process. The "Manual for the MOBA Project Manager" can also be seen as a kind of checklist for the project manager to dos.

If a project manager has been assigned to a project approved by the board of directors, he or she will first have to carry out a few organisational activities in phases 0, 1 and 2:

- Create a local project folder on the project manager's PC.
A uniform template is available for the structure of the subfolders.
This project folder also contains the documents [Project Life Cycle] and [Glossar MOBA Spezifikationen].

- The previously created local project folder is regularly synchronised via software to the MOBA network and is thus also available to the project team for viewing.

- Create a project folder with the same name in the project manager's Outlook inbox.

- Create a team with the same name in Microsoft Teams and a notebook in Microsoft OneNote. The team is used for project-related collaboration and the notebook is used, for example, to keep meeting minutes.

- The project manager already has article numbers created for the articles to be developed.

- For each article to be developed, a separate subfolder is created on the network in the folder [Produktakte]. A uniform template is also available for this subfolder structure. All final documents are stored here at the end of the project.

- In the past, a paper folder was often created. In times of the paperless office, however, the need is becoming less and less.

These organisational activities are followed by the specifications and planning block:

- Creation of the requirements specification. Together with the client and the developers involved.

- Creating the first parts lists in Excel or, if already possible, in the MOBA ERP system.

- Target costs and target quantities are entered in the ERP system and a cost unit is created for the project. The one-off costs incurred during the course of the project are posted to this cost unit.

- Create a project plan in Project for the web. Determine in advance which colleagues are actively involved in the project.

- Complete and file the project application.

- Transfer the project costs listed in the project application to the [Grob-Budgetierung Projekt-Einmalkosten (Übersicht)] table.

- To start the actual development activities, phase 3 in the product development process, the kick-off meeting is then prepared and held.

Throughout the project, the project manager takes care of these recurring tasks:

- Plan, conduct meetings, take and distribute minutes.

- Monitor and maintain the project plan.

- Record special events in the project life cycle.

- If necessary, prepare status reports and send them to the client, for example.

- Update the project pipeline at the end of each quarter, which is published by the head of the project management department after all project managers have worked on it.

- Monitor product and project costs.

When functional models have been built for the first time, they are verified against the requirements specification. This verification also serves as a transition to phase 4 "prototypes".

- Clarification of the patent situation.

- Internal product presentation in the manufacturing, repair, quality assurance, product management, sales and marketing departments.

- Initiation of functional tests and initial qualification.

- Handing over prototypes to the client and, if necessary, joint commissioning.

- Obtaining prototype approval.

Once the prototype has been approved, the transition to phase 5 production and series preparation takes place.

- Initiate and accompany the internal and external qualifications in accordance with the requirements specification.

- Define and order suitable packaging.

- Transfer of the product to production. Organise meetings with the development, production engineering, manufacturing, repair and documentation departments.

After all departments involved have completed their tasks, the project manager can apply for series release. This marks the transition to phase 6, the project conclusion.

- Confirm the completion of the development project with the client.

- Complete the entries in the project plan.

- Finalise entries in the Project Life Cycle.

- Create a project completion report and upload it to Sharepoint.

- Copy the relevant final files to the folder [Produktakte] and upload to Sharepoint as well.

This is roughly what a MOBA project manager does in theory. In practice, there are many other tasks that need to be taken care of.


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