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The first BIG SONIC SKI in Brazil

In 2016 the ECOSUL (a road administration company from the south of Brazil) and the SBS ENGENHARIA (a constructor) looked to MOBA to identify some solution for their problem: how to improve the IRI (International Roughness Index), because the SBS ENGENHARIA had executed the paving but the quality was not good enough for the ECOSUL, that have supervised the job.

After some talk was clear that the problem was the paving execution without a levelling system, and the suggestion was to use the BIG SONIC SKI (BSS).

In Brazil is very common the customers don’t believe in technology and sometimes it’s necessary to demonstrate the equipment, and it was made by a test road to prove the efficiency of the system, and of course it was a success!

Testing the BSS


The IRI has improved by 34% in only one layer (only one pass by the paver machine), and it was an amazing result for the ECOSUL.

After this test the negotiation was made and the SBS ENGENHARIA was the first constructor to buy this system from MOBA do Brasil.

The installation and the operation training were made at the field, and it was very nice to teach and to learn with the operators.



Sometimes we visit this client to see how the system is working.

2016 - BSS working on TEREX VDA 700 paver:

2016 - VDA 700

2017 - The same system on CIBER AF 4000 paver:

2017 - CIBER AF 4000

2018 - BSS comes back to TEREX VDA 700 paver:

2018 - VDA 700

And it’s working very well! The BIG SONIC SKI is the best choice!

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