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Water, the treasure of life - Laser land leveling save it together with MOBA

Picture 1: July 20, 2016 By Riley E. Carlson

Agriculture is the biggest water consumer in the world. Approx. 70% of the fresh water is used by the agriculture industry worldwide. In the arid regions of Asia, Africa and South America it is sometimes more than 90% of the fresh water. In Europe it is 35%. Of the entire water resources all over the world  only 1,73% fresh water exists, 1,679% subterranean water and 0,033% surface water.
Levelling, smoothing and shaping the field surface is as important to the surface system as the design of laterals, manifolds, risers and outlets is for sprinkler or trickle irrigation systems. It is a process for ensuring that the depths and discharge variations over the field are relatively uniform and, as a result, the water distributions in the root zone are also uniform. These field operations are required nearly every cropping season, particularly where substantial cultivation following harvest disrupts the field surface. The preparation of the field surface for conveyance and distribution of irrigation water is as important to efficient surface irrigation as any other single management practice the farmer employs.

The introduction of laser-controlled land levelling equipment has marked one of the most significant advances in surface irrigation technology.
Laser land leveling systems are commonly used in agriculture applications in Australia, Japan, USA and even in less developed countries in Asia and Africa.

The reason shows the following advantages and video.

-  no waste of water to check the field level
-  bigger harvest yield
-  less operating time
-  more productivity
-  less wiring costs



MOBA also provides an agriculture laser leveling system called Laser-matic. Since it went on sale, the sales numbers have increased significantly. We offer a very good quality, easy to use system at a competitive price.

Picture 2: Moba

The system works under the extreme conditions of our Egyptian customers. These systems are working in the Nile delta, in Oasis and in upper Egypt. The following pictures show some examples.

Picture 3: MOBA

Picture 3: Moba

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