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3D Drilling installed in Germany

MOBA Drilling 3D System installed in Germany

We are proud to announce that we have successfully installed the first MOBA XSite APP drilling system. This system is a combination of MDS 2000 (2D) and Xsite APP (3D).A random position has been recorded on Test Day 1 and saved to the System. The position has been recovered on Test Day 2 with no problem. The MOBA development and end customer are very satisfied with the result.

Day 1                                                                            Day 2


The Test

The team chose a random starting point with the drilling machine and marked this point in the system and on the actual ground. To test the system abilities, the machine and all moving parts had to alter their position. On day two, the team was able to only use XSite APP to find the same point on the ground with only minimal and acceptable deviation. 


The picture below shows Mister Hiltenkamp (product manager of MOBA Drilling) and Ville Junno (Service manager from NOVATRON) after the successful installation.


Currently MOBA is one of only few manufacturer that offer a 3D Drilling system where the antennas are not suited on the drill head but on the back of the machine. This way, the hazard of damage and accuracy problem due to vibration are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the GPS signal is accurate even if the drill bit is tilted.

We are proud to announce that any customer with existing MOBA MDS 2000 system can updgarde to Xsite APP with no issues. Again, MOBA has managed to introduce another system that works with just 2D but is easily upgradable to 3D. 

Please see below a first screenshot of the XSite App:

We update you ASAP

MOBA's offcial sales announcement will follow shortly

To get more info on the system, have a look at its website.

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