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Artificial intelligence and its continuous development affect all the different sectors of industry. One of the branches that can take advantage of artificial intelligence is the construction industry. The most important subsection of artificial intelligen
FrankSchnee 04.07.2023 0 526

One of the top companies in Sharjah, UAE is relying on the MOBA Land Leveling System for tractors to prepare the perfect terrain before each horse show. The event happens twice a year. Every show has its unique conditions that affect the horse and the ride
Alex_Wahlmann 12.06.2023 0 481

The project to relocate Jakarta to Kalimantan aims to address the challenges posed by Jakarta's sinking and overcrowding. It involves moving the capital city of Indonesia from Jakarta on the island of Java to a new location in Kalimantan, Borneo. The proje
Alex_Wahlmann 12.06.2023 0 493

The ICV refers to the MOBA - Intelligent Compaction Value which is recorded by MOBA's Compaction Meter Assistent in short M.C.A. The ICV relates the stiffness level that can be measured via a special algorithm mainly observed and calculated via frequency a
Alex_Wahlmann 06.06.2023 0 439

The Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, also known as Mandalika International Street Circuit for commercial purposes, is situated in the Mandalika resort area of Lombok island, which is part of Indonesia's West Nusa Tenggara province. The cir
Alex_Wahlmann 24.02.2023 0 1276

Xsite Easy - it was never more easy to become independent in your excavation operations. Xsite® EASY excavator guidance system removes the need for manual grade checking and jumping on-and-off the machine. Xsite® EASY enables doing the work correctly the f
Alex_Wahlmann 10.01.2023 0 1480

The sourcing of electronic components is a topic that causes worries to companies all over the world since years. Covid-19 pandemic as well as the war in Ukraine and the following economic impacts are intensifying the situation. The availability of parts i
FrankSchnee 02.01.2023 0 945

The New National Road is currently the longest Cretan road that runs along the entire northern coast of Crete. It starts in the port of Kissamos in the west and ends in the port in the city of Sitia in the east of the island. At the moment, it is the faste
erik-geis 30.12.2022 0 1761

The expansion of the motorways is one of the projects for which Romania wants to attract foreign partners. Funding is flowing from Brussels for this purpose. • EU provides 875 million euros for road construction in Romania  • Expansion projects are not new
erik-geis 21.12.2022 0 1173

The international exhibition "Kaztraffic-2022" in the capital city of Kazakhstan Astana was hold on November 24 at the international exhibition center "EXPO" with the official support of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, the correspo
erik-geis 16.12.2022 0 1034
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