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The new Xsite EASY

The new Xsite EASY shows the excavator operator the depth, height and inclination of the bucket and displays the bucket position on the job site.

With the new Xsite EASY, you can take your excavation work to a new level! Excavate with centimeter precision in position and height without having to leave the cabin or carry out complex survey work. The Xsite system can be installed on any machine, regardless of manufacturer, type or year of manufacture.

With the new Xsite EASY, you can reduce the surveying effort on your construction site by up to 90%. Your staff doesn’t need to stay in the construction area and can be scheduled more specifically for other tasks. No additional person are needed in the danger zone of the excavation pit and no more stakes need to be driven in. Thanks to the Xsite EASY, safety on your construction site increases, especially in poorly visible areas.

With the new Xsite EASY, a 2D system, you can measure the depth, height and inclination of the excavator bucket. The data is shown graphically and numerically on the display. The superstructure sensor guarantees the correct measured values in every excavator position. An included LED display also shows whether the target height has already been reached or whether further digging needs to be done. This means you can always keep track of the exact work progress and implement specifications precisely.

Enables independent work

• Not necessarily needed to jump out of cabin during day

• Checking and rework reduced -> Finishing final surface on first go

• Increase in productivity -> Time savings -> Reduced overall cost

Thanks to the ability to use a rotating laser in combination with the bucket as a height reference, the operator can carry out height control from the comfort of the driver's cab. This saves time and increases security. Even in difficult visibility conditions, such as when working in the dark or under water, you always have the right view with the Xsite EASY. The system is ideal for use in foundation, trench or embankment construction, for leveling or underwater excavation.

Of course, an investment in a machine control system needs to be carefully considered; The new Xsite EASY is a perfect choice: You can get started with a small budget and a small expansion level, and depending on your needs and requirements, the system can be expanded and expanded at any time - components already installed on the machine continue to be used.

Functions and advantages of the new Xsite EASY 

• Low downtime thanks to simple and quick installation of the system on every machine

• Easy commissioning and calibration

• Clear and continuous control of work progress from the driver's cab (high level of safety) Interesting for machinists, construction equipment dealers and rental companies, building contractors, construction managers and foremen.

• Unrivaled user-friendliness

• Bucket position is always known.

• Working under water is possible.


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