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Better roads - Highway contractor 25 This is a very intersting article in the magazine Better Roads by Dan Brown. It is clearly stated that according to the research there is not a strong correlation between measured stiffness (with IC) and density. Ano
dshelstad 28.08.2012 23 2908

It seems like every day new solutions for cloud based applications are popping up also in the construction industry. Benefits claimed are higher efficiency by sharing information and collaborating in real-time, access from everywhere, connecting constructi
jutta 04.12.2015 12 3416

Recently we got a proposal regarding the "green industrial product" from a big OEM in China, (nothing to do with food, agriculture product, plants......, only focus on heavy machinery industry and its attachment chain, like suppliers), inside the proposal,
sunyuyuan 07.12.2015 9 3178

Don't we all want to do a great job and provide quality work? I believe most people would agree that quality work is important and that they deliver quality. BUT Image: Road Obstacle/ Shutterstock how do you define paving quality how do you improve
jutta 09.12.2015 6 4085

This was a question from a paving contractor in the audience last week when I presented on Thermal Profiling and Quality Assurance at a NAPA meeting. It is a very good question. I'll share my response to the question after a few days, but first I would l
dshelstad 08.12.2015 6 2897

What is the future trend at the machine manufacturers? (for safety sensor and controler) CAN Safety or CAN Redundant?
akraeckmann 20.11.2013 6 2897

The development of compact asphalt paving technology goes back the 1990s. Up to now many square meters of asphalt were laid in that way in Germany. Supporters and studies say that the advantages are saving money, time and material and also the improvement
sabine 09.12.2015 5 3253

Which Waste companies are using or considering your equipment to provide PAYT (Pas As You Throw) or GBTP (Garbage By The Pound) residential curbside waste and recycling collection?
klmantey 07.12.2015 5 2713

The final lift of asphalt is paving in Sochi and Russian Formula 1 track will be ready soon! This track is situated in Olympic park's territory in Sochi, Russia. It will be one of the quickiest tracks in the world, the maximum speed will be about 321 km/h,
vasilevs 21.07.2014 5 4728

A common question asked by paver operators is if they should have their automatic grade control system in automatic or manual when first pulling off a joint or blocks. I have seen it done both ways and I have always preferred running the first 10-20 meters
jblano 09.12.2015 4 5529