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Construction of Formula 1 track in Sochi, Russia.

The final lift of asphalt is paving in Sochi and Russian Formula 1 track will be ready soon! This track is situated in Olympic park's territory in Sochi, Russia. It will be one of the quickiest tracks in the world, the maximum speed will be about 321 km/h, so the tolerances for the contractor were very high. The deviations after paving had to be within 1 mm, so the contractor was suggested to buy Big Sonic-Ski with 4 sensors.

The paving was carried out by 3 asphalt pavers. 2 of them (on each side) were with Big Sonic-ski on one side and drag ski on the other side. The 3rd asphalt paver (in the middle) was with 2 grade sensors.

During the paving Big Sonic-Ski with 4 sensors has proved to be the best solution for accomplishment the most difficult projects. After control measures the system has shown the best results. The deviations were 0.5mm (!!!). The customer was amazed by Big Sonic-Ski performance.

This is the 200th system installed by Korrus and the 5th Big Sonic-Ski with 4 sensors (we call it Big-4-Ski) installed this year. And the customer wants one more!

vasilevs 21.07.2014 5 4050
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  •  Marobl1981: 
    Really nice pictures and nice to read that the customer would like more MOBA Systems. When will the race track finish in Sochi?
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  •  ronald: 
    SPASIBO Vasiliy for these nice reference. It sounds great and the I will see the first race with different eyes.
    всего́ хоро́шего!
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  •  bmarx: 
    A well-organized site. Good pictures and job description and above all satisfied customers and proud paving teams.
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  •  lduchscherer: 
    Hello Vasily,
    thank you for these nice feedback, and this great job report.
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  •  vasilevs: 
    In September it will be ready. In October there will be Formula 1 Grand Prix.
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