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from Alex_Wahlmann ( 21.11.2022 ) 0
Tags : MOBA AG, 3D Pro, XSite MOBA AG, Service, 3D Xsite, Mobile Automation, MOBA Australia Ratings : 
Category : Earthmoving
Meet Jack from ECHUCA MOAMA BOBCAT AND EXCAVATOR HIRE PTY LTD Jack Healy operates his own busines
from s_sehr ( 20.10.2022 ) 0
Tags : bauma, product development, project team, countdown Ratings : 
Category : Earthmoving, Best Practices
There are always several milestones during a project. This year, one of them is “bauma 2022”. Th
from FrankSchnee ( 19.08.2022 ) 1
Tags : MOBA, 50 years, celebrate Ratings : 
Category : Earthmoving, Best Practices, Best Practices, Road Construction
2022 is a significant year for MOBA – we celebrate the 50th birthday of this impressive company. 5
from Alex_Wahlmann ( 17.08.2022 ) 1
Tags : MOBA , MOBA AG, Mobile automation, Robotics, Future of automation, Japan, Jetro, CIT, MOBA technology, Innovation Ratings : 
Category : Earthmoving, Best Practices, Best Practices, Road Construction, Innovation Center
There is a common understanding among some people that (mobile) automation is taking away the jobs o
from sebastian_schlesies ( 14.07.2022 ) 0
Tags : MRW, Safety, Proud to be a Moba employee Ratings : 
Category : Earthmoving, Best Practices, Best Practices, Road Construction, Innovation Center, Crane and Lifters
"each time, you look to see if it´s one of your measuring cells that´s installed". This

Korrus, an official MOBA dealer, made a successful installation of MOBA 2D (slope) system. The grader is CAT 140M, it has electro-hydraulic system. The unique feature of this grader is that a leveling system must send signal directly to grader solenoid. So
vasilevs 04.08.2016 0 4083

KORRUS successfully reinstalled 3D system on grader Volvo in Tverskaya oblast in Russia. There is a huge project of construction the new highway Moscow-St.Petersburg. "We have got a big contract now. At first, we want to reinstall the system we already ha
vasilevs 09.12.2015 0 2852

There was an interesting request to KORRUS (MOBA official dealer in Russia) from a road building company from st.Petersburg. After trasfering the grader from Ashkhabad to st.Petersburg they had the dismounted system and wanted to reinstall it. The setup wa
vasilevs 09.12.2015 0 1829

A succesfull instalition of GS-506 with ultrasonic sensor was near Rostov. Our customer was making the base for piggeries. So it was not a road-building company! As the result the customer saved a lot of money after completing the project. On the pucture
vasilevs 08.12.2015 1 2356
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