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Product rating after testing phase of the MOBA SUPER-SKI from Mr. Slawomir Szak company Budimex Poland.


As part of my authority to represent the company Budimex, I confirm that we will be in the period from October 17th. - November 30th, 2023, had the pleasure of testing a new product from MOBA. The MOBA SUPER-SKI. The product was mounted on a DYNAPAC SD 2550 paver. The working width of the screed was 10m - 12m. The MOBA SUPER-SKI was installed on both sides of the paver and connected to the existing screed control panels.

The MOBA SUPER-SKI was used for bitumen road renewal on the left side of the A1.

Despite the extremely unfavorable conditions under which we performed the task, the results of IRI longitudinal equality are very impressive and I think that we would not have achieved such good results without the MOBA SUPER-SKI product.

After the test I come to the following conclusion.

The strong advantages of the MOBA SUPER-SKI are undoubtedly:

• Very good flatness parameters achieved when using the product

• Quick and easy assembly and disassembly on the asphalt paver

• Simple and innovative operation for the user of the paver's working screed

• Quick way to switch between the individual sensors

• Height adjustment when lifting the screed - no risk of damage to the sensors/mechanics compared to conventional systems

• Possibility to use a single MOBA SUPER-SKI element


In summary, I was very pleased that I was able to take part in the MOBA SUPER-SKI test. The new product receives a very good reference from me because of its very good parameters for the evenness of the layers.


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