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erik-geis added new blog post

On the new training site at the headquarters in Limburg, MOBA organizes different costumer trainings during the year - for costumers with different experience levels on MOBA technologies and different interests. We invite groups with the same interests and
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The first Iran Trans Expo was held in Teheran Mosalla and started December 18th, 2016 through the 20th. This Expo is managed from The Ministry of Transportation with support from the International Road Construction and Transportation. (PIARC) The Se
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    Mangystau Oblast is Kazakhstan's major oil- and mineral-producing region on the Eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.   Aktau, Mangystau's capital, is the regional hub for transporting the Caspian's bulky cargoes of oil and oil-related products to E
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The headlines dominate others. Who actually knows these languages, these cultures? Today, we want to look at the possibilities to open different perspectives to provide material for discussion. Why are many roads in Latvia in such bad condition? For seve
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Laser leveling is not so much about moving soil, but more about using and conserving water resources efficiently. Land leveling using laser-guided leveling equipment is adapted, well-tested, easy to implement and efficient technology for saving water, imp
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erik-geis added new event
What do you think about the BAUMA Africa? I visited the first show last year and my feeling was that the marketing outside Africa was stronger than in Africa. This event was unknown in the African States and even in South Africa itself. I show you also some impressions from there.
15.09.2015 08:00
Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
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erik-geis added new blog post

After the easy installation, MOBA set up the system and explained the customer how it worked and what all the benefits were. The day after we started our job, we had perfect weather conditions and the team at the jobsite was organized well with good paving
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erik-geis commented on a blog post
Thats a good question and even good comments. See the picture from a job site where the constructor use a Material Transfer Device and have still problems with temperature segregation.

This was a question from a paving contractor in the audience last week when I presented on Thermal Profiling and Quality Assurance at a NAPA meeting. It is a very good question. I'll share my response to the question after a few days, but first I would l
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The European Union is granting 12.5 billion Euros to the expansion of the Polish road network, which remains the main concern of the EU financial perspective 2014 - 2020. During this period, its goal is to establish a connection network between the capital
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erik-geis added new blog post

In the small country Lithuania, the latest and best technology and equipment is used for building or renovating roads. Every time I am in Lithuania, I am surprised about the good quality of their roads and how professionally organized the construction comp
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