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International Expo AVTOEXPO in Kiev

At November 10-12, Kyiv has hosted the International Forum on Construction and Repair of Roads and Bridges AVTODOREXPO. The current 19th edition of the show was the largest in its history. It has covered an exhibition area of more than 10 thousand square meters and offered a vast selection of special machinery. During the three show days, AVTODOREXPO attended of the entire road industry.

Early November is the traditional time for the International Trade Fair on Building, Exploitation and Projection of Motor Roads and Bridges AVTODOREXPO. Just like the entire road industry, the trade fair has set a new record this year. The exposition has, as usual, have two essential parts located in the pavilion and open air. Together they have covered an area of 10,000 square meters this year. Some exhibition stands themselves has have a large size aiming to demonstrate as much machinery as possible.

The list of exhibiting companies of AVTODOREXPO has exceeded one hundred this time. In addition to Ukraine, there will be companies from Denmark, China, Germany, South Korea, the USA, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Not only manufacturers has be presented at the fair, but also the official dealers and importers of many world-known brands. They feature an impressive list of up to 200 brands from 30 countries



TDS Group of has presented several solutions able to improve the quality of roads and facilitate their construction process.  The MCA 500 from MOBA is a guidance system for a roller . It is used to determine the correct density of the base course. MCA 500 increases the effectiveness of the machine and process as well as overall compaction quality. The system saves on time, personnel, costs and machine wear.  MCA 500 as a robust yet inexpensive system that fits any brand of compactor around the world. 



TDS Group also present the SDLG G9165F grader with the MOBA levelling system GS506. This 2D levelling system gives your machine a technology upgrade to eclipse all others. The system for height and inclination control regulates the coulter of your machine fully automatically so that the laid material is always distributed evenly. This is how the result convinces with perfect flatness.



They show also a patching machine MADROG MPA 6,5W with the MOBA ignition box for flame monitoring / control. The MOBA Ignition box IS-03 was designed to check the ignition and control the temperature at construction machines. The main application field is to control the temperature at the paver screed on a gas flame control for paver screed heater. special machinery attachments of the Company's own production and SDLG L956FH loader, TDC 901 and 1201 mini-loaders was also there shown.



Asbud Ukraine the official BOMAG representer and MOBA exclusive dealer for MOBA Paving products present BOMAG Paver BF 800 C-3 with a MOBA BIG SONIC SKI System with 4 Sensors. This type of BIG SONIC SKI is very common in Ukraine.

The sensors are positioned as follows:

Position the middle sensor (2) approximately level with the auger.

With same distance to middle sensor (2), position the two outer sensors (1/3) on the outer module elements.

Position the fourth sensor (4) centrally between the two first sensors in moving direction (F).


If the reference layer has already approx. 6 meters waves, these are almost copied 1 to 1 with a 13m Big-Ski and 3 sensors. The additional fourth sensor is placed so that it measures the opposite of the sine wave to equalize it.

The benefits are as follows:

Elimination of 4-to-6-meter waves

And more even smoother surface

Material saving because of smoother surface


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