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MOBA Land Leveling system in EQUESTRIAN CLUB, UAE

One of the top companies in Sharjah, UAE is relying on the MOBA Land Leveling System for tractors to prepare the perfect terrain before each horse show. The event happens twice a year. Every show has its unique conditions that affect the horse and the rider’s performance, and one major factor is the smoothness of the ground. Both not properly leveled and sticky ground may reduce the horse’s mobility.

A leveled racetrack for horses offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides a consistent and fair surface for all participating horses, reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries caused by uneven terrain. Secondly, a leveled track ensures that the race is determined by the horses' skill and speed rather than external factors such as track conditions. This promotes a more level playing field and enhances the integrity of the sport. Additionally, a leveled track allows trainers and jockeys to accurately assess and improve the performance of their horses over time. Lastly, it can contribute to better record keeping and statistical analysis, enabling more precise evaluation of horse performance and breeding potential.

After each use, our customer keeps on praising both the robustness and the accuracy of the MOBA Laser Matic. Extremely easy to operate, as the operator turns on the tractor and drives the field. The speed in controlling the tractor’s grader prevents the level correction rework.

Most important features:

  • Easy to use
  • Resettable timer which allows to measure leveling time
  • RF remote control unit lets you operate the transmitter while driving the tractor
  • Rugged mounting solution via ram mount
  • Water proof technology
  • Usable for zero slope, single slope and Dual slope

Finding a softer footing for prolonged hours of safe horse riding is no longer a problem, thanks to the reliable solution called MOBA LLS. With over 50 years of experience as a trusted partner in leveling appliances, MOBA brings its expertise to the equestrian world. The MOBA leveling system operates seamlessly in multinational environments, showcasing its robustness and simplicity for the operator. It ensures a secure and stable surface, providing both horse riders and trainers with peace of mind during their activities. Count on MOBA LLS to deliver the optimal leveling solution for a superior horse riding experience.

Thank you @Reve for providing all information for this post

Alex_Wahlmann 12.06.2023 0 681
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