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MCA 1500 Trial Test in Kalimantan, Indonesia

The project to relocate Jakarta to Kalimantan aims to address the challenges posed by Jakarta's sinking and overcrowding. It involves moving the capital city of Indonesia from Jakarta on the island of Java to a new location in Kalimantan, Borneo. The project includes constructing a new capital city with modern infrastructure, government buildings, and housing. The relocation aims to alleviate Jakarta's congestion, reduce environmental issues, and distribute economic development more evenly across the country. It is a massive undertaking with the goal of creating a sustainable and resilient capital for Indonesia's future.

MOBA’s Compaction Assistant Solution, MCA 1500 was recently demonstrated by our Distributor PT Multi Traktor at a prestigious project site in Kalimantan to show that it will be able to solve customer’s pain points and to fulfill their requirements for an upcoming prestigious project.

In their previous road construction projects, the customer faced a lot of quality issues due to under and over compaction of soil. Therefore, the customer wants to incorporate an intelligent compaction solution to confirm that each soil layers are well compacted. Additionally, they wanted the process of compaction to be documented to ensure that soil compaction works are done as per the required specifications.

With MOBA’s Intelligent Compaction Value (ICV) which compares favorably with soil density results via sand cone test, compaction during the trial test could be optimized as our system indicates on its display with green signal when the soil is compacted.

The contractor will potentially have cost savings of up to 40% in compactor run time, fuel savings and manpower. This indirectly will help to solve Customer’s other requirement, which is to complete the project in shortest time possible.

The operator of the compactor also gave positive feedbacks on MCA 1500 that the system is quite user-friendly and easy to handle. In all, MOBA’s compaction assistant will provide a win-win situation for road owners and contractors. Additionally, data from compaction work done at site could also be sent to MOBA Cloud and visualized as per Customer’s request with reporting functionality.

Thank you @Raghu for documenting and reporting the demo of MCA in Indonesia 

Alex_Wahlmann 12.06.2023 0 713
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